Is an animal in your life suffering from an injury, or healing after having surgery? Or maybe they’re just getting on in years and starting to experience pains associated with old age; maybe there is nothing specifically wrong with them but you would like to improve their over-all health and vitality. If you answered yes to any of these scenarios, then the Tellington TTouch Healing Massage is a proven method to correct the issue. By using TTouch and a variety of other tools, we can assist your animal in experiencing self-confidence, recovery from illness or injury, eliminate even the most difficult problems or just enhance the quality of their life.
Where Your Fur-Kid Is Our Number #1 Priority!
Heading out of town or working late and need someone to check-in on fido, kitty or your other pets? Then In-House Visits is the answer to your prayers. Whether you need us to take out the trash, bring in the mail / newspaper or tend to your fur-kids and other animals, an In-House Visit would get all this done for one low price.
Visits May Include The Following Services:

Fresh Food And Water
Medication As Necessary
Washroom Break And Waste Clean-Up From Break
Mail And Newspaper Brought Inside
Trash Cans To And From Curb
Interactive Play And Petting/Love Time
Fun Basic Training And Tricks
■ Written Report of How Your Pet(s) Are Doing 
Other Services As Needed Can Be Discussed And Arranged
BONUS TREATS: There is a 10% discount per visit when you book 4 or more daytime visits in a row
Prices quoted for Daytime Pet Sitting / Bathroom Break visits apply 7 days a week between the hours of 9AM – 5PM
(Other times, before 9AM or after 5PM can be scheduled, at an additional fee of $5 per visit)
There is no additional fee for visits scheduled on a holiday during regular hours of operation

Visit Times:
The visit time is considered to be from the time of arrival at your home to when we leave the house, please remember this when selecting the services you wish to be completed.

There are rare occasions when we may have to shorten a visit due to an emergency such as a vet visit or some other unexpected situation. If this happens we will ALWAYS make up any lost time on a future visit. There may also be times when a visit is lengthened, schedule permitting, due to your pet having too much fun to end the visit at that point in time or the current progress of a training session, etc. and there will NEVER be an additional charge for this treat!

If there is an emergency and your dog needs to be taken to a vet, there may be a $20/hr charge for the time. Your emergency contact number(s) would be called first.
This gentle method is currently being used by numerous animal trainers,
breeders, veterinarians, zoo personnel and shelter workers in several countries around the world.

​For additional information on the TTouch Healing Massage please see the ABOUT tab, under the Healing section.

Healing Sessions Will Include:

In-House Consultation, and Progress Assessments
Tellington TTouch Healing Massage For The Animal
Other Services As Needed Can Be Discussed And Arranged

½ hour = $50
​1 hour   = $75
All prices quoted are for regular hours of operation, Monday through Friday 9AM – 5PM
(Other times, before 9AM, after 5PM and weekends can be scheduled, at an additional fee of $5 per visit)

BONUS TREAT: There is no additional fee for visits scheduled on a holiday during regular hours of operation

Therapy Times:
The session time is considered to be from the time of arrival at your home to when we leave the house.

Private in-home sessions are the best road to your animals improvement and recovery, they have many advantages, including:

■ Therapy takes place in your house to maximize convenience, and eliminate any stress your animal may otherwise experience
■ Each program is custom designed to fit your individual needs. We’ll talk to you about your pets history, your family composition, your goals and objectives, and then come up with a plan to meet all of your needs
■ Scheduling is flexible, we do not need to meet on the same day or time each week; and if you've scheduled a vacation or have any other commitment and need to skip a week we can work within your schedule while still ensuring you get the results you want
■ Your pet gets 100% of the instructors time and undivided attention, and all the time is devoted to healing or just improving their health this will ensure you get the best results

We take the time to give you the information you need, answer your questions, and to make sure you are comfortable implementing the therapy program before we start working with your pet.

Every client asks how many sessions they will need and how often we should treat the animal. My answer is always the same - that depends on your needs, what your goals are for our pet, the current condition of the animal and many other factors. No two cases are alike, we will closely monitor your animals improvement and be able to better advise on this as we go along. During the first few lessons is when we’ll decide together how much and how often we’ll need to work together.

Please contact us with any questions you may have. Your Fur-Kid Is Our Number #1 Priority, and as such we want nothing more than to help heal them, build a great relationship between you and your pet, and make them the happy, model citizen he/she wants to be!!

1 hour    =  $35
​​4 hours = $100
Daytime Hours
​½ hour = $25

We Service Dogs, Cats and Other Pets​
Other Pets: We care for all your Domestic, Farm and Wildlife Animals 
Overnight  =  $50
(After Work Until The Morning)​